Welcome!! I’m Colby – I’m a 30 something year old husband, amateur cook and salesman extraordinaire living outside of Orlando with one awesomely fat orange cat and a very easy-going and understanding Wife (because someone in this house has to be!) We make our home in a rural suburb of Saint Cloud.

I’m very passionate about several things in my life. I’m passionate about my wife and about being a good husband. I’m passionately working towards having patience (it’s a work in progress). I’m extremely passionate about my New England sports team (my wife says her life is comparable to the movie “Fever Pitch”) – The Red Sox have had a rough few years, but in true Sox fan form – I’m not giving up on them. I am, however, counting on the patriots to cover-up the hurt I’ve had to deal with and have a (Super Bowl) winning season!  GO PATS!

I’m extremely passionate about is cooking.  I’ve been cooking since the ripe old age of 15, when my mother presented me with a challenge I chose to accept – if you don’t like what’s in front of you – cook it yourself!  After a brief kitchen gadgets tutorial, I started cooking for myself.  Surprisingly enough – the dishes I made were not only edible, but pretty good! Not too long after my mom was asking me to make dinner for the family. I remember the first dinner that I made for my parents was homemade chicken Parmesan with a side of spaghetti and marinara sauce.  When I was done making this dish and took it out of the oven I was so excited that I actually went and took a picture of  the finished product. I found cooking to be something that came naturally to me, and something I enjoyed doing.

My only “formal” training would be a daily obsession with food network – unfortunately they don’t give out diplomas just yet! I pride myself on being creative cook – taking basic everyday dishes and putting my own spin on them. I enjoy food, and love to witness others enjoying my food, which is my creative outlet.